You can now learn, "Kouri-Vini" Louisiana Creole. Available resources are here to help you learn to speak and understand Louisiana's very own native language.

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Christophe is an amazingly generous and insightful young man. After seeing just a few of my ancestors’ names on a Creole Genealogy discussion group, Christophe let me know of my relationship to Mother Henriette Delille. This knowledge changed my life, as I became extremely involved with the religious order she founded, “The Sisters of the Holy Family of New Orleans.” He gives information freely and even when we attempt to pay, he will often not allow it. His research has been proven accurate and his ability to give you correctly accented family names is appreciated. I have known him since the late 1990s and trust him with all of our family data.  

Michelle Olinger JollyNovember 20, 2015